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  Flute Repairing Course
for the professional flute player

(no subscription possible now)

Main objectives of the course

1. Offering the opportunity to learn how your instrument works: an historical review and the practical layout of the instrument.
2. With expert guidance you will observe and practice basic repair skills and learn how to check if your instrument is performing at its best.
3. Giving you greater confidence and improve your playing experience as a professional player by knowing that your instrument is functioning at its best.
4. To equip you with the skills needed to identify problems and undertake successful emergency repairs.

Practical information

at Mechelen, Nonnenstraat 27, Moreelhouse

Tools you need: Yamaha student flute, screwdriver, springhook
(professIonal screwdriver and spring hook are available and can be perchased at location)

Price: €145, lunch included